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We refer to writing or drawings that have been scratched or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in public plate as Graffiti, and often it’s associated with vandalism. Graffiti ranges from simple writing or ‘tagging’, up to extreme and elaborate wall paintings which are more like works of art than they are vandalism. Graffiti has existed for thousands of years, dating back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and even the Roman Empire – it’s been a part of our lives throughout the ages. People use graffiti as a way to express themselves, their opinions and their feelings.

 I’ve rounded up a few of amazing examples of beautiful and creative graffiti art from around the world. Most of these graffiti art works are graffiti wall paintings, some of them are huge – spanning entire buildings. Each and every one of them is an amazing piece of art and most certainly not what I would consider vandalism.

 Get your creative juices flowing with this selection of amazing graffiti wall art for your inspiration – the Golem one is my favorite  the depth of the background and the vividness of the image, it looks incredible, it’s the second image below – take a look:

If you want to find some more, then there’s no shortage over at Google Images, just search for ‘graffiti wall art’ or ‘wall paintings’ and you’ll get thousands of results. There are some truly incredible works of art out there, and some extremely talented artists! I hope this post has got your creative juices flowing, and given you some ideas for your own creative works!

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