30+ WordPress Themes For Google AdSense

Best Google AdSense wordpress themes for blogger or site owner . Google is number one search engine that's why people first prefer for google . prove unique search result for user to get more user for your bolg or website All these factors bring more traffic and increase your search engine ranking which is directly related with amazing monetization of AdSense. So, if you want to make money, it makes sense to check out this gallery of 30+ AdSense friendly WordPress themes. Have a look.

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Schema Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

With super amazing loading speed, pixel perfect design, SEO optimization google adsense wordpress themes; Schema is a fabulous choice for all those who are looking to make good money through Google AdSense. This $35 MyThemeShop product has a rich arsenal of modern features that appears all the more enticing when viewed with the customization options on offer.
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Stilus Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Perfect for writers and editorial projects, Stilus is a latest google adsense wordpress themes theme that displays your blog posts in a very engaging manner. This theme is also armed with responsive design, cool speed, customizable layout and all other features that help you in monetizing Google AdSense.
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Versatile Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Versatile is an ultra new and nifty google adsense wordpress theme that is perfect for magazine style sites and others that focus on content. It lets you select from 3 different grid views and also allows you to customize it via Theme Customizer. The theme support various post formats and is a great choice for those who want to make money through Google AdSense.
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Sensational Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Sensational is your ideal google adsense wordpress theme when it comes to jaw-dropping looks and superb functionality. It possesses the ability to transform your average looking website into an absolute stunner. This $35 theme is a powerhouse of features and will make Google AdSense yield a good deal of money.
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Neuton Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Loaded with powerful features, content-centric approach and a focus on audience; Neuton is a superb News/Magazine google adsense wordpress themes. It carries all the modern features and adapts perfectly to any screen size. The theme will definitely make your audience click on the ads and thereby, help you make money through AdSense.
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Neu Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

The $59 Neu is a great combination of content focused approach and visually stunning appeal. This magazine google adsense wordpress themes is for those sites that deliver regular topic-centered content. It is well loaded with all the requisite features such as mobile friendly design, good loading speed, nice navigational structure that are needed to impress Google AdSense.
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Xmax Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework, clean design, responsive layout and all other amazing features google adsense wordpress theme; Xmax is a very modern and powerful magazine WordPress theme. It is fit for news, blogs and online shop sites. The theme is also HTML5/CSS3 compatible and lots more.
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Cerulean Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Cerulean, from RocketTheme, is a beautifully constructed three-dimensional google adsense wordpress theme. It is rewarding not only in terms of looks but also functionality. The theme is nicely studded with modern features and has got it in itself to help you monetize Google AdSense.
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BlogSpring Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

BlogSpring makes you reach out to as many people as possible google adsense wordpress theme. This $55 theme is very smart and also socially alive. It delivers well on all viewing platforms and also helps you make the most of Google AdSense. You will like it a lot.
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Novomag Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Novomag is bursting with great features and the theme is also ready for alteration. It is responsive google adsense wordpress theme, retina-ready, optimized for Google search results, translatable, user friendly and many more things. You will have a great time with it.
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Rumors Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

The $49 Rumors is an easy-to-use and feature-rich magazine google adsense wordpress theme with flexible layout that looks great on all viewing devices. The theme is very content friendly and also lets you capitalize on the commercial potential of Google AdSense.
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Magma Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

The $55 Magma is a wonderful google adsense wordpress theme from ThemesKingdom. It is an elegant and modern theme that makes your site look better, cleaner, and super readable to every reader. Google AdSense monetization is also a strong point of this template and can help you earn a good deal of money.
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Nexus Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

The $69 Nexus is a very strong magazine google adsense wordpress theme that is packed full of custom widgets and content modules that give you control over your page. With it, you can easily grab the attention of your readers and make money, side by side. The theme certainly calls for investment.
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Lynx Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Lynx is a neat, super-duper customizable and flexible google adsense wordpress theme with a fully responsive design. It utilizes HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3 and makes it super easy for you to design and create things the way you want. The theme is also AdSense friendly and hence, getting it to yield money is very easy.
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Pinstagram Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

The $35 Pinstagram is a Pinterest-inspired google adsense wordpress theme that comes with a super smooth navigation structure. It makes readers stay glued to your site and then it becomes easier for your ads to attract clicks which leads to fine revenue generation through Google AdSense.
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Novelty Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Novelty is a crisp and feature-rich magazine google adsense wordpress themes that uses HTML5, CSS3, jQuery. It is fully responsive and has got great looks which delivers well on any viewing device. The theme is also compatible with AdSense and thus, you can be sure that your web platform will give you good monetary returns.
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Readable Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Created pretty recently on 16 May, 2014 and loaded with great looks and functionality; Readable is a premium clean WordPress theme. It is ideal for personal blog, magazine, journal and is also very easy to setup and use. What is more, the $40 theme has got the potential to make AdSense take notice of your platform and reward you profitably.
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iTheme2 Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Suitable for technology and Mac related blogs, iTheme2 is a very smart and feature-rich google adsense wordpress theme. It is very robust and comes with all the features that are needed to earn name, fame and money. The theme is nicely integrated with Google AdSense and you will have a great time with it.
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BlogPress Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

BlogPress is an extremely fast and SEO optimized WordPress theme that follows the industry standards like Google Pagespeed, Pingdom, Schema, Microdata and many more. These two traits play a big role in making AdSense yield money and thus, this is a must-have template.
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TrustMe Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Meant for magazines, news and blog websites; TrustMe is a super responsive google adsense wordpress theme. It comes with 23 awesome widgets, 18 widget areas, 4 post formats (image, audio, video & gallery) and tons of theme options. All are conducive for minting money through Google AdSense and thus, you can easily reap great benefits.
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StartingUp Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

StartingUp is a superb multipurpose theme that can be used for any kind of website. It comes with responsive design, multiple styling options, built-in portfolio, WooCommerce readiness and all the needed features that help you impress your audience and search engine.
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InTouch Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

InTouch is a super user friendly google adsense wordpress theme that can be used by anyone, whether a beginner or a pro. It provides tons of options to manage and modify any aspect of the theme. You can place the ads at strategic points, increase your click through rate and earn handsome amount through Google AdSense.
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LifeCoach Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Specially crafted for coaches and authors, LifeCoach is an amazing google adsense wordpress theme that is optimized for SEO and speed. It affects the amount of traffic that you will receive on your website, in a very positive way. This will lead to greater utilization of AdSense and you will be proud of your decision to side with LifeCoach.
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Ionosphere Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Loaded with rich visual elements and top notch functionality, Ionosphere is a very terrific theme. Produced by RocketTheme, the theme is a star performer and has got all that it takes Google AdSense to fall in love with your site. It is fast, responsive, easy-to-navigate and lots more.
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Sakhr Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Having retina-ready display, RTL support, unlimited colors, fully responsive design and lots more; Sakhr is a wonderful WordPress theme. This Blog/Magazine theme with HTML5 and CSS3 tableless design is also AdSense friendly and helps you monetize the cool Google tool to make lots of money.
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Magazine Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Magazine has 42 pre-built layout options, mobile slide navigation, mega menus, widgetized areas for banner ads, Awesome icon font, breaking news ticker, social share buttons, related posts, footer menu, social links and much more. This theme is very good with AdSense and you can easily get it started to earn money and credibility.
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Newgen Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Newgen is a responsive News/Magazine google adsense wordpress theme with a rich array of cool features attached to it. This super latest theme, priced at $55, is worth the investment as it can help you make lots more through AdSense. You will really love it.
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INVISI Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

The $35 INVISI is a very content centric theme that will go great with personal bloggers, newspapers, online magazines and the like. It has been designed to promote your content in an organized and visually enjoyable manner which gives a solid boost to your traffic and consequently, earnings from Google AdSense.
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Spike Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

If you have had enough of monotonous themes, Spike would delight you greatly. This bright and colorful WordPress blog theme carries a sleek post slider, useful widgets, shortcodes and the best optimizations of MyThemeShop. Priced at $35, the theme will help you earn lots more because it is optimized for AdSense.
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Allegro Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Allegro, from OrangeThemes, is a very stylish and strong google adsense wordpress theme which is well stuffed with all the modern day features that are needed to become successful. It is very AdSense compatible and you can be sure that the Google checks will flow in. So, grab it soon.
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Solar Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

The $40 Solar follows the fundamentals of WordPress to the hilt. This awesome google adsense wordpress theme helps you create a simple blog while keeping sharp and modern design. What is more, it is AdSense ready and thus, making money through the Google tool is a cakewalk.
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Skyting Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Skyting is a crisp and feature-rich magazine google adsense wordpress themes that is based on current design trends such as HTML5, CSS 3, jQuery. It is fully responsive and very easy to use which means you can get started minutes after installation. The best thing is that it is AdSense ready and thus, helps you earn a fine amount of money as well.
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Sharp Magazine Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Looking for a content centric theme that will allow your content and images to shine? The Sharp Magazine google adsense wordpress theme features a clean design with ample use of white space and it is also friendly with WordPress. This means you can monetize the template to earn money along with writing.
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Maxed Mag Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Here is a theme that caters to magazine or news style websites. Maxed Mag is brimming with advanced features and has got it in itself to help you utilize the money yielding power of Google AdSense. The template is certainly worthy of your money and attention.
Maxed Mag
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Metropolis Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

The $49 Metropolis is an elegantly designed google adsense wordpress theme that combines simple color schemes and shades to complement many content setups. It is also proficient in performance and makes sure you are not left behind when it comes to utilizing the power of Google AdSense.
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FrontPage Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Having 6 different homepage layouts, 3 different single post layouts and lots of other modern features; FrontPage is a WooCommerce-ready WordPress theme. This $35 template is very customizable and can serve several purposes such as a store, magazine, blog or static website. You will also find it friendly with AdSense.
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DesignBlog Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

This theme has been designed keeping the web design and developer blogs in mind. DesignBlog is a neat theme with all its elements possessing a well crafted look and professional attire. You will like it a lot and can also get it to yield money through Google AdSense.
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Sightly Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Easy to set up and loaded with the most advanced features, Sightly is a completely responsive WordPress theme that suits news, magazine and blog websites. It offers you 9 homepage widgets and is also in sync with the practices that make Google AdSense cough money.
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CrossRoad Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Meet CrossRoad- a responsive WordPress theme, best suited for magazines, news and blogs. It comes with 18 awesome widgets, 22 widget areas, 4 post formats (image, audio, video & gallery) and tons of theme options. The theme is also AdSense compatible and can be turned into a moneymaking tool for your site.
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Video Magazine Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Here is a magazine theme that also supports YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion videos. The $40 Video Magazine is a super latest WordPress theme suitable for videos, movies and fashion magazines. It has got many awesome features including the ability to help you capitalize on Google AdSense.
Video magazine
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Prologue Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Prologue is an advanced, mobile friendly and touch enabled magazine-style WordPress theme that displays your content in an elegant and sophisticated way. The theme has all the necessary features that are needed to make money with Google AdSense. It is a great choice for all those who want to make money along with writing.
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WebJournal Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

WebJournal is a professional and modern WordPress magazine theme for newspaper websites and general news sites. Every element of this theme is well crafted and makes your site look professional to the core. It is also nicely integrated with the features that aid AdSense and help you mint money.
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Kirigami Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

The $49 Kirigami features a responsive grid system along with many other modern attributes. This RocketTheme launch is a fine combination of design and functionality. It is also in tune with the formulas that impress AdSense and make you mint money.
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EstateExpert Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Te $79 EstateExpert is a wonderful theme dedicated to real estate. It is responsive, feature-rich and all those things that help you impress clients and customers. With it, you will not just gain from your business but also from Google AdSense. The theme is truly a must-have for all those who are operating in this segment.
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Ultra Mag Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Ultra Mag is a new-age Magazine WordPress theme that you can use for news/blog/magazine/eCommerce website. It makes use of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and is also open to customization. The theme is a smart solution as well as one that helps you monetize AdSense.
Ultra Mag
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Gamers Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

This is a dynamic and dashing theme meant for gaming enthusiasts. It is very easy to use and offers you lots of styling alternatives. The super latest Gamers is also conducive for those who want to utilize AdSense for making money.
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MaxFlat Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

The $49 MaxFlat is a lightweight, clean and mobile friendly google adsense wordpress theme that is fit for blogs or small magazines. It is extremely user-friendly and also compatible with Google AdSense. This means you can earn a fine amount of money through your blog/site.
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Stylebook Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

Stylebook is a responsive WordPress Newspaper and Magazine google adsense wordpress theme that is based on Twitter Bootstrap. It is fit for newspaper, magazine sites and all those sites/blogs that are focused on content. The theme is also AdSense savvy and you can easily monetize it to make some fine amount of money.
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VideoTube Google AdSense Wordpress Theme

The $45 VideoTube is for the sites that utilize moving images. It supports videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion and offers a clean and modern platform to showcase your videos. The theme is very feature-rich and makes it pretty easy for you to monetize Google AdSense.
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NewsTimesGoogle AdSense Wordpress Theme

Tuned in with the modern times, NewsTimes is a very powerful and appealing google adsense wordpress theme. Loaded with pixel perfect, attractive design, ultra responsive layout, HTML5/CSS3 integration, incredible loading speed, SEO optimization and much more, the theme makes it super easy for you to make money with AdSense. You have got to try it once.
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