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Get into microblogging with twitter is social networking site everyone knows about that in past year twitter has been steadily growing in popularity since it launched in 2006, but it’s only very recently that it has really taken off in the world. Twitter is now day’s most popular social networking site and it also provide in micro blogging all the web site author has account in twitter that ways some new post or article share on twitter it is rapidly famous on family and friends circle spared on network that things twitter get into microblogging.

Twitter rapidly takes off by celebrity you can simply by signing up to twitter and following them. You can also follow your own friends and make new one people can follow you can send a reply to any tweet or direct message to anyone who is following you. This is cool way interact with your favorites celebrity friends, or Girlfriend.

What Is Micro blogging?
Micro blogging means you write all the update about your blog and post on twitter and send them to friends and other member of twitter via text messaging, video, images, email or web. Then the most attractive service is called as twitter. This was developed by Austin southwest conference in Austin. But funny fact is in twitter 140 characters per post for writing or some make statements for replay.

How to Start Micro-blogging.
Twitter is an online social networking service and provides micro-blogging service in that users to send and read text based messages known as Tweets. Using micro blogging services you get to all details about that topic and tweets might be your friends tell them that think you can ask on tweets. Basically twitter provided the micro blogging services to share with public or friends some specific requirements for some legal issues that apply to most non-governmental sites also applying in micro blogging.

Find your Audience Poll.
Find your own audience poll which type user is connected with twitter account and you follow them. In the twitter tweets are publicly visible by default then senders can restrict to massages delivery to just their followers. When you choose to follow one person then on the twitter appears the entire tweets topic on your home page. When you want to invite friends to start following on twitter then that time twitter post the microblog g post and you add them

Some Basic Tips for Micro-blogging.
Enter a tweet using the what happening box if you can also add your location as well as photo then click the follow link by clicking on someone you are following then view who they are following you back consider your audience if you have a group good friends crucial then must be share more personal details but your public profile feed be careful share feed. Post regularly but attractive not then boring post so public avoids this post.

Adding and following content.
There are number of f contact and tools available from online services, software companies for open source distributions and get those useful marketing tools in freeware .if you share good topic about the micro blogging you need to tools and content so increasing your followers and content each other and share new idea topic or blogging related stuff

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