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Creative Digital Artist Fabio Selvatvci

Creative digital artist Fabio Selvatvci he born in Ferrara on 17 June 1987. he start appreciatory the world of computer graphics since the age 13 year, first as driven by simple curiosity, then he start career as a freelance graphic artist. Faboio derided to his direct his technical creative to designing web interfaces work for commercial projects on nation Salas 2010 he reside to use his technical skills of digital tool. he gathering yeasts of freelance graphic deign experience his formed a technique which mixes manual intervention, using of the feminine form all.

The combination of these techniques allows he to create visual effects impact that act directly on the physicality of human subjects play in enhancing Gothic style, deliberately grotesque and extreme, the inner drives of the human soul, the travails of the psyche and the ' inadequacy of themselves in relation to claustrophobic environment that oppresses them.

His technique is based on a mix of dual digitally processed images and manual intervention through traditional instruments such as acrylic paints and liquid inks. The subjects of his work are often women's bodies and faces initially perfect and pristine, then he work on a process of deterioration and explosion manually intervening on liquid through a mix of textures and materials that personally select and realization of natural materials liquids, inks paints, marbles, granite found in the environment.if you can more details on Fabio Selvatvci so visit on Facebook, Deviantart, Behance.

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