amezign graphic designer by will murai

Will Murai is illustrator artist in Sao Paulo, Brazil . he was born in Willian Hideki murai in mogi das Cruzes in 1985 and raised in Aruja a small town in the state of Saio Paulo. Will was amazing by the pencils and papers drawing and sketching when he was kid .

Even though he start his career out of it , practiced a lot,studied and he got a degree graphic design, since then he worked in fields such as comic books advertising, infographics,internet and games.he was leading artist in marvel comics , DC comics, CUBOCC, Lew'Lara TBWA marie claire Magazine, Mundo Estranho Magazine and other famous comics worked.he lead in art team at Ubisoft Sao Paulo in the production of the games imagine Detective and Michael Jackson . Today he worked with a incrediable a tIG internet Group,making beautiful infographics.


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Im Ganesh Singare i love Photogarphy ,Design, Drawing  and Creativity I'm a professionally collage student but i love  blogging and also working for .


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