Abstract Street life Photography

Street life on the street various locations so I take street life photography for viewers. I think various views on the street  some photograph for location on the street. Most famous street on the world these looking very nice for protestation or photography. Some old cars, old house, trees, and old city for the location of the street life. Professional photographers take that photos on streets and they take that in an art exhibition or art gallery they are doing unique identity for the street.i hope you enjoy this post if you like this post so share on Facebook or Twitter. 

About Ganesh Singare

Im Ganesh Singare i love Photogarphy ,Design, Drawing  and Creativity I'm a professionally collage student but i love  blogging and also working for .


  1. Wow!

    Such amazing collection of street photography. These are really nice looking streets. I'd also like to encourage you to post some poor looking street near slums, that will adds real feel and awareness of wold poverty.

    Nice work, Keep it up!


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