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5 Ways To Protect Your Social Networking privacy

In the world near about 600 million people daily used social networking sites but they never know about social networking privacy for hackers in that case hackers hacked these password and used these accounts for some crime purpose, so i get some 5 ways to protect  your social networking privacy who to avoided hackers.

 Protect Your Social Networking privacy.

Some following results so many sites are hacked for bad activities. About the last weeks report of the San Jose Mercury News a Boston based internet security company was acquire highly personal information from 40% of the nearly 70% people who not recognise the account about the Facebook Twitter or any other social networking sites.In the world 80% of accounts 20% messages on social media sites are spam or unused massages so some important points for user to avoid your social privacy

1. Never share self information online web site.

Some social networking sites share on phone number or other data of the user your individual identity that you should never make it available on the public area of any site these are some basic facts of about you should not post your security number, your phone number, home address, if sufficient information provided in your profile information sufficient for hack or bank your account .

2. Read the privacy policy of the social networking site.

All the social networking sites have privacy settings in that case you can edit your own preference. mostly some new updates or any other information display only friends or family.One things is important in that some policy are changing purposed for read,write so if any new update programmed your privacy settings.

3. Be careful about what information you give out.

common sense would dictate that you keep your username and password safe and secure don't share your friends or family members. always manual password input in gon a public computer.if you have computer,laptop, so as a gust option for web browsing you can use it.

4. Use the Privacy tools available.

In the today's world the personal computer is the biggest risk you have of getting you own personal information hacked on internet and online privacy.Internet browsers tor ease your browsing history,search history ,cookies ,passwords or download logs but every web age you use has privacy settings and that have probably share some persona information with third parties.So you access all your privacy settings adjust from your won works and avoid hanker.

5. Make sure your antivirus software is up to date.

Make sure your antivirus software is updated regularly. Some way you better prepared to combat new threats and also keep your web browser up to date as well as set your computer to automatically download and install new security updates.if you fall these above 5 steps so you diffidently Procter your social networking sites.

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