Fantastic Liquid Art by Markus Reugels

Markus Reugels is the one of the most creative artist he live in Germani he using water and create some amazing photographs of water droplets. he using some physical instrument and developed a machine to one drop top to bottom and capture right time photo we can not see with out high speed camera i show some huge collection of Markus Reugels i hope you enjoy it.

“My pictures are not manipulated with Photoshop. I only sensor spots and small splashes remove the disturbing, the tones and contrasts are naturally processed. I can see but as digital darkroom. This allows you to amplify existing in the image again and soften the visual impact.” - Markus Reugels

it is so simple water drops So guys you enjoy this high speed photography and feel free to see this more amazing artwork on his website see these magic moments of this artist.

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